Round 1 of the NSW State Formula Ford Championship was run over the 4/5/6 of March
at Wakefield Park in Goulburn.
Jake and the Listec team headed to the track on Friday for official practice where Jake
continued to improve his overall lap times.
Come Saturday which is Qaulifying and race 1 day Jake new he had a litlle bit of ground to catch the front runners,
In Qaulifying Jake was only beaten to a front row start by 2/10ths of a second.
Race one: Jake got a great start and was able to keep pace early on. But as the race went on Jake ha d a spin which
cost him alot of time, Slowly Jake made ground on the driver in P2 but he ran out of time.
Race 2 was a similar story to race one where once again a mistake early in the race saw Jake drop off the tail of
1st and 2nd and he would bring the #35 machine home in 3rd.

Come Trophy race time Jake's main focus was to get through the race and bring it home 3rd, butmid race the C&A Mobile
Sponsored driver lost 2nd gear. jake pulled into the pits to retire from the race.
The team quickly sent him back out on track and he would finish in 10th place.
Jake finished 3rd overall in the Duratec class and set his fastedt lap in the Trophy race prior to losing 2nd gear.

Jake and the team could go away happy overall and know that they have what it takes to close the gap on the front runners.

Jake will test twice before Round 2 which is at SMSP on the 9/10th of April.

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Great way to finish the weekend at Round 4 of the NSW Formula Ford Championship Wakefield Park.
Jake finished P2 in race 2 then drove a smart race in the trophy race to bring it home 3rd.
The pleasing thing was he started to produce consistent lap times and his confidence is growing each race.
Massive thanks to all our friends who made the journey down here today.
The Kristy Bevan & family, Garry Roff, Chris Collins, Lynda Anne Teodorovic, Zac Pacchiarotta, Shane Younger .
Thank you to the Listec Race Cars team of Joseph Farrugia, Paul Liston & Lino Farrugia.
We couldn't do it without the support of all Jakes Sponsors
C & A Mobile Sound and Communications, Penrith Air Supply ,
Repco Auburn, Faulding FH & Co Ltd,
KJR Designs & Apparel, INOX Lubricants' Team Mates, Revolution Racegear Auburn NSW.
Thanks to all Jakes team mate Club Members.
Last weekend Jake competed in Round 5 of the NSW State Formula Ford Championship at Sydney Motorsport Park.
Friday practice went really well after Jake had had some driver coaching at Wakefield Park on the Monday leading into this round.
Come Saturday morning it was Qualifying time and Jake went out and posted quick time lap after lap.
After the 15 minute Qualifying session had ended Jake would take out his 1st ever Pole Position and had the team very excited on
The prospects of a possible race win.
We would have been happy if Jake had only managed to win the Pole for the weekend and nothing else.
But Jake had other things in mind. Each race he got a slow start but quickly made ground on the leader and was able to make
2 great passes for the lead. Many thought that he showed great maturity in his race craft and he must have considering
He made passes at over 230 KPH.

Come Sunday afternoon Jake had secured his first ever clean sweep of Pole Position and 3 Race Wins.
As you can imagine the smile on all the teams faces was reward enough of all the hard work all the crew put in
To allow Jake to chase his dream.

Jake can take a lot away from this weekend but he knows that the challenge of taking on the National drivers
At Wakefield park on August 20-21 will be at another level.
For him to Win in his 1st season in Formula Ford is a great effort and we know none of this would be possible
Without  the help of all his Sponsors.

Jake Wins 3 from 3
Jake raced at Wakefield Park in Goulburn for Round 4 of the National Formula Ford Championship
Combined with Round 6 of the State Formula Ford Championship August 19-21.
While Jake is still in his early stages in Formula Ford most of the National drivers have at least 3 or 4 years behind them.
Most are around the 17-20 years of age while Jake is still 14.

After a day's practice on Friday which we had Jake running on older tyres, come Saturday morning we put on some brand new tyres
And he headed out for an Official practice session which would determine the order for Qualifying.
Jake managed to set the 6th fastest time in practice which we were really happy with considering there was 23 other drivers.   
We knew that it would be slightly tougher in Qualifying as the rain would come and go.
Jake drove really well in the slippery conditions and managed a Top 10 spot.

Race 1.
Again the conditions where tricky but he made a great start on the opening lap to find himself in P7.
After being turned around on the second lap which sent him down to P12 , Jake put his head down and made a few passes working
Himself back into the top 10.
Heading into the final lap Jake could see an opportunity to pick up a couple of spots on the last corner, so he through the 35 machine down
The inside of 2 much more experienced drivers on the final corner. It looked as if he had made an incredible pass for P7 only to clip the right rear on the
Ripple strip that was still quite wet and that caused his to spin around. That slight mistake cost him a number of positions and he ended up finishing in 13th place.

Sunday Race 2.

Another great start of the line which had put him around 10th place, but from early on in this race you could tell that he was struggling with front grip.
The car seemed to handle the damp track quite well but Jake didn't have the overall pace to challenge the top 8 and he would eventually finish in 11th.

Race 3
Going into the trophy race Jake was hoping for a top 10 finish to the weekend. The team had made the changes after the 2nd race but the tyres took a couple of
Laps to get the required heat into them and he had lost 4 spots. Once the tyres had come up to temp he started to make progress he did make a couple of passes
And was clearly making ground on the drivers in front of him.
Maybe if the race was longer he could have made a few more spots, but it wasn't to be , and he crossed the line in P12.

To our surprise though that the National points and the state points are separate and Jake was the highest placed NSW Formula Ford driver.
This meant Jake had won Round 6 of the Series and it was his 2nd Round in a row.
This result means that Jake finishes in 3rd place in the NSW Formula Ford Championship.

Jake now has a couple of months off racing but will still be in the car whether its testing or Promotional things as we have a couple of things lined
Up in the next 6 weeks. The best thing is that Jake has closed the gap to the leaders overall pace.
He will spend some time with driver trainer Barten Mawer for a couple of test days soon who has already improved Jakes overall speed.

Jake Wins Back to Back State Rounds
Not the Weekend that we had hoped for!
After a great start in the Trophy race with Jake passing 3 cars on the 1st lap including a 200kph pass on the out side of turn one.
But sad to say that was the highlight as 4 corners later Jake was taken out in turn 5. The car was too damaged to continue which left Jake with another dnf.

Jake feels he had the pace to finish inside the top 9 and thats pretty good considering this was his 1st National Series race and only his 3rd race meeting.

Joseph Farrugia & Paul Liston from Listec Race Cars worked none stop all weekend and we thank them for the opportunity they are giving Jake.
To all our Friends who came out to support Jake, Peter Donaldson, Brett Collins , Christopher Collins, Rob Fittler, Kaidon Brown & Belinda Brown thanks for the continued support it wont be forgotten.
To Jake's team Mate Club Members and this weeks winner the Geering Family.
We wouldnt be able to do this without the support of our Sponsors C & A Mobile Sound and Communications, Andrew from Penrith Air Supply, Faulding Health Products ,Repco Auburn and INOX Lubricants.

Jake has a couple of test days at the end of June before heading down to Wakefield Park on July 2-3 for round 4 of the NSW Formula Ford Championship.

Very happy after a good weekend racing with the Listec Race Cars team.
Jake was able to pick up his 1st podium in Formula Ford.
What was most impressive was his ability to come from behind twice today and make a pass to finish in the top 3.
Jakes trophy race was great after a smoking the tyres off the line he fell to 4th but he put his head down & passed 3rd on lap 2. He then started to pull a gap on 4th and slowly closed the gap on 2nd.
Jake set his fastest lap on the 2nd last lap of the race which was really pleasing.
Big congrats to team mate Mark Lowing on taking out the Kent class.
Massive thanks to all the Team who put in a massive amount of effort.
Big thank you to Glen Welch who is giving Jake some driving tips.
Our friends the Bevan Family, Donaldson & Smiroldo Families
Garry, Rob and of cause our great mates Brett & Chris Collins.
The continued support of our Sponsors C & A Mobile Sound and Communications, INOX Lubricants, Penrith Air Supply ,Faulding
Repco, EmbroidMe Smithfield,Strathfield Chiropractic, CJ the DJ, Revolution Racegear Auburn NSW, KJR Designs & Apparel & all our team mate members.
While its been a little quite on the track of late, Jake and the team have
been doing things behind the scenes.
Jake now has a racing manager who is not only trying to secure
Sponsors but is also looking at future opportunities.

Saturday November 12th Jake and the team spent the day trying
to raise funds for Ronald Mc Donald's House as part of Mc Happy Day.
Lots of young fans got to sit in the 35 machine and jake also made a lot
of new fans by signing many autographs.

Tea team will be back on track with a Cams drivers day at SMSP on December 11th.
Then they head to Winton Raceway and Wakefield Park for back to back test days a week later.

Less then a week later and Jake was hoping to make an announcement
regarding his racing season that is now unsure as he and the team
has parted ways.
Jake will now weigh up his options and see if he should join another team
or If JDR should become a family based outfit.
For all the latest news follow Jake Donaldson Racing on faceBook for up to minute details.
Jake shows great speed
Whats next!
Last Friday Jake headed to Wakefield Park for a test day in a kent car.
On the Day he had to share the car with one of the other teams drivers.
Jake was back to his best consistently 2 to 3ths faster than the other driver.
He would finish off the day with a time good enough to have put the car
on pole for the open Wheel festival which had just been run the week prior
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